What to Know About Buying a Ski Home Near Copper Mountain 

How to search in this prime ski destination

Copper Mountain is one of the best resort towns in Colorado, located about 75 miles from Denver in Summit County. Those searching for ski homes in the area can count on great outdoor recreation and nature views, as well as several local events and contests to enjoy any month of the year. To help you with your search, follow these tips on what to know when buying ski homes near Copper Mountain.

Research the location

As with any property, first, consider the location. Depending on where your primary residence is, getting to a ski home in Colorado may take two hours in a car or seven in a plane. Be sure you’re willing to spend the extra time and money getting to your ski home. Another aspect of the location to consider is the area surrounding your property. Think about views and if they’re obstructed by any existing buildings or current construction, as well as your property’s proximity to the area’s perks, like the ski slopes and different resort-style amenities.  

Those searching for Copper Mountain real estate can count on Ski Copper Mountain’s 126 runs that cover the three peaks of the mountain. Whether a novice or expert, the varied terrain provides plenty of options for all visitors. For those with children, the Copper Mountain Tubing Hill is another great way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter. In summer, there are several hiking trails to explore in and near Copper Mountain, like the 2.3-mile Hallelujah Nature Trail or the Wilder Gulch Trail. Whenever you decide to use your ski home, you’ll benefit from its prime location.  

Understand the market

Those looking for a ski home near Copper Mountain should also research the local real estate market. For buyers, it’s best to search in a buyers’ market or when housing inventory meets buyers’ demand. However, given Colorado’s popularity for its ski properties, demand currently outpaces the supply that’s available. The state’s home prices have increased by 30% since 2020. Although it’s well worth the effort, buyers may have to spend more time securing an offer for a ski home nearby.

Currently, Copper Mountain is a seller’s market. The median list price has increased significantly since the same time last year and is up to $944,950. However, those searching for luxury ski homes can expect typical prices in the millions. The days on the market have also decreased since 2021, from 198 to 56. Buyers searching the area should be prepared for some challenges and work with a professional to help them find listings fitting their requirements.

Partner with an agent

When searching for ski homes near Copper Mountain, the best way to find a property you love is to partner with an experienced agent familiar with the area. An agent will have a broader and deeper knowledge of the properties available near Copper Mountain. They’ll use this information and professional connections to other seller agents in the area to guide you to ski homes you’ll love.

Additionally, they can help you navigate local real estate market trends. An agent will know the best time to buy a property in the area is the off-season months, as sellers are more willing to accept negotiations within slower demand. When you’ve found a property that you love, an agent will help you make and negotiate an offer, as well as lead you through closing steps.

Plan out summers

For the times when you aren’t using your ski home, have a plan for how you’ll use it and how you’ll take care of it. A good option for those who only plan on using their home in the winter is to rent it out in the summer. This is especially great for areas like Copper Mountain, where there’s plenty of summer outdoor recreation attracting vacationer interest. Plan out when you’ll be using your home first, then navigate rental options around these plans.

Before renting out your Copper Mountain real estate, research any rules and regulations of the state and the community. Be prepared to submit paperwork and pay taxes when renting out, even if you’re only renting for a short period of time. For Summit County, CO, there are three licenses for different types of short-term renters to help regulate the local area and protect the quality of life for full-time residents.

Pros and cons of locality

The last thing to consider when searching for a ski home in the area is the pros and cons of the locality. A major pro is the surrounding area, which is known for its snowy mountain slopes and great summer recreation. Buyers in the area can also enjoy festivals like Copper Uncorked in March, where chefs compete to create the best wing and wine pairing. Or enjoy the Colorado Special Olympics in March as well. As it’s a resort town, there are several resort-style amenities for residents to enjoy, like the Copper Mountain Athletic Club and Spa.

As with any home purchase, do expect some extra expenses. In winter, plan for natural elements like snow and snowstorms. You’ll need to plow your front driveway or hire somebody to do it for you and be sure your property’s condition can withstand harsh weather. If you won’t spend summers in your ski home, you’ll also have to hire services to maintain your property. Other costs related to keeping the home warm during the winter, cleaning it for summer renters, as well as expenses to use the mountain’s amenities, like seasonal ski passes, are things to keep in mind.

Ready to search for ski homes?

There are several perks that come with buying a ski home in or around Copper Mountain. Before starting your search, be sure to research the area’s surroundings and local real estate market. When you’re ready to look for properties in the area, contact trusted local agent Randy Jeffrey to guide you through the process.

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