4 Best Hiking Trails Near Frisco, CO

hiking near frisco co

4 Best Hiking Trails Near Frisco, CO

By Randy Jeffrey

Away from the hustle and bustle of Denver, Frisco real estate is located further up in the Rocky Mountains, practically in the center of Colorado. For many, Frisco is the perfect spot for a vacation or second home. Frisco is located west of Denver in the Rocky Mountains and offers residents a sense of quietness and peacefulness. The town’s population is just under 3,000 and is nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

Frisco is a paradise for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors, with ample boating options and the ski slopes of Breckenridge just down the road. The most common and accessible way for people to get outdoors is to hike, and there are numerous trails nearby.

All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes and the persistence to continue moving forward. People love hiking near Frisco because of the undisrupted mountain views available virtually anywhere along the trails. The green foliage and blue reservoir make for incredible scenery to help you enjoy your hike. Here are some of the best hiking trails to try near Frisco.

Rainbow Lake Trail

Photo courtesy of MTB Project

If you’re looking for a relaxing and beginner-friendly trail, consider the Rainbow Lake Trail. This trail is located right outside of town near Mt. Royal Park on the side opposite the reservoir. The elevation gain is only 150 feet, meaning there may not be as many opportunities for you to take pictures overlooking entire landscapes, but the views are still gorgeous.

The low elevation gain, paired with the fact that it’s only 1.5 miles long, means the trail is suitable for beginners or the whole family, even those with small children. The trail’s scenery includes views of Mt. Royal and the surrounding peaks. It passes by Rainbow Lake, a small, still lake that offers viewers a sense of serenity.

Some areas along the trail are vast and open, while others are more heavily wooded. Apart from the traditional evergreen trees commonly seen throughout this area, you may be able to spot rarer tree types filled with changing leaves and bright colors you’d hope to see near Frisco, CO.

Uneva Pass Trail

Photo courtesy of Bring Fido

This is probably one of the more challenging trails you could complete in one day. This trail is considerably long at over 18 miles, which typically takes a little over nine hours to complete, but the trail itself isn’t particularly intense. The elevation gain of 4,530 feet can seem daunting, but it’s hardly noticeable when spread out over such a long distance. The trail starts near Highway 70, a short drive from Frisco, and then heads toward Uneva Peak.

This is an out-and-back trail, which means the total distance includes your trek to and from the trail’s end. This type of hiking is meant to be completed in a single day, and the path itself is best traversed during the summer months when the days are the longest. You can set out in the morning, stop to eat a picnic in the middle of the day, and then be back by the time the sun sets. If you’re looking for a trail where you can hike for an entire day during the comfortable summer weather, then this is it.

Wheeler Pass Trail

For those looking for a significant challenge, the Wheeler Pass Trail is the most difficult trail on this list. The trail begins not far from the Uneva Pass trail but heads southeast towards Blue Ridge. This 24.9-mile trail is best suited for experienced hikers looking to heighten their hiking abilities.

If you’re only interested in single-day trips, you won’t be able to complete Wheeler Pass Trail in its entirety. However, the scenic views along the trail are reason enough to attempt a small portion of the hike, even if you decide to turn around before making it to the end. If you plan to complete the multi-day trip, consider staying at one of the campgrounds spread out along the trail.

The change in elevation is over 6,000 feet, and the trail itself is sparsely populated. Combined with the distance, this is not a trail for inexperienced or solo hikers. If you plan to hike this trail, save it for the summer months when the days are longer, and the weather is warmer. If you can’t resist witnessing the views offered by this challenging trail, you can also attempt to cross-country ski your way along the path.

Salt Lick Trailhead

This is another hiking option perfect for casual hikers. The Salt Lick Trailhead is next to the Dillon Reservoir, and the trail offers scenic views of the rivers that lead into it. This trail is just over five miles long with less than 1,000 feet of elevation gain, making it ideal for anyone who wants to take a relaxed walk in fresh air or view some beautiful scenery while jogging. This trail is right outside of town and requires minimal planning. Reviews also say it’s a great place for a dog walk, making this trail a preferable place for families with children and pets.

Buying Frisco Real Estate

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